3 Easy Ways to Empower Your Business

A hand holding a pen writes on a piece of paper.

Turn Your Equipment into Gold Existing equipment that you have paid for recently can become leased equipment. This puts cash back in your pocket, leaving you with a custom designed payment plan that makes sense for your business. Re-Think Your Finance Thinking Most businesses make decisions on equipment financing ad hoc – that is, as…

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Resilience: The Economics of Trust

A bunch of hands are pulling a rope.

Ever lost a key employee? Had a client go bankrupt? Broke up with a business partner? Still cringe thinking about it? Me too. We’re in good company. Nelson Mandela said “The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail”. Fall down seven times, get up eight. This…

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Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright…(and other lies)

A person hanging precariously from a branch poking out the side of a mountain.

It’s not that your Mom wanted to lie to you… “You’ll grow up stronger, wait and see”. “Never mind, you can get another one”. “Tomorrow’s a new day”. Your Mom, like mine, probably just wanted to teach a little resilience and deflect the painful moment. Deflection is a uniquely human skill that’s responsible for our…

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Purple Cash Cows (and other business truths)

A purple cow crashes through a window.

Like any great leader, you’ve battled your way to the top. As Caesar Augustus, you’d return from a 20 year campaign to a life of glorious excess (and a little political intrigue), garbed in Tyrian purple robes. Purple has long denoted wealth in human society. Laboriously created by harvesting the organic ink of thousands of…

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Well, are you Feelin’ Lucky?

A green 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo

Risky Business 101 Remember the iconic 1983 movie “Risky Business”? 18 year old Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) spends a weekend doing things not repeatable in public blogs, making thousands of dollars, being chased by bad guys who steal all his parents’ furniture, finally having to spend his profits to buy it all back. Getting lucky…

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The Taxman Cometh, and He is a Zombie

A zombie in a business suit stares at the camera.

Time to consider my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll put aside a little more monthly into my ‘tax reserve account’. (woah, call me an adrenaline junkie). I will practice Zombie defense. Some peoples’ resolutions revolve around getting fitter. We could call December overindulgence a Pay-it-Forward plan. I get friendly with a tin of shortbread – the…

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The Truth, The Whole Truth, and the TV Fiasco

An old TV showing the opening sequence of the Love Boat.

I love Monty Python’s Parrot Sketch – but not when I feel like I’m IN it. Me to client: “Your payment for some reason, was returned to us by our bank.” Client: “WHAT? Bank returned the payment?” Me: “Yes, it’s stone dead.” Client: “Are you sure it’s been returned?” Me: “Yes, it’s expired, stiff, it’s…

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The Myth of Credit

A boat with large sails sits on a calm ocean.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest Davy Jones: You’ve a debt to pay. You’ve been captain of Black Pearl for 13 years. That’s our agreement. Jack: Technically, I was only captain for two years, then I was viciously mutinied upon. Davy Jones: Then you were a poor captain, but a captain nonetheless! Haven’t you…

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