Why Lease Your Equipment?

The Advantages Of A Flexible Lending Plan.

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Leasing vs. Renting — What’s the Difference?

Leasing is how great businesses grow without sacrificing their bottom line. In short, it’s a flexible yet predictable way to secure the assets you need that keep your business moving.

Leasing helps with things you and your business need—assets like production, revenue, sustainability, time, and money. Whether you’re adding new growth assets, replacing unproductive assets, or upgrading to improve effectiveness, a lease puts new equipment to work without complicating your life.

More reliable than renting and more affordable than stretching to buy outright. When leasing is money in your hands when you need it, the only question is how to get started!

The Plan

Here are five reasons why leasing is how businesses are getting ahead with their purchases.

Assets are vital for your business, and so is cash.

In business, a cash cushion is like an all-around first aid kit. You might not need it now, but you’ll be glad to have it on hand!

You’ll always have urgent business bills (inventory, payroll, repairs), but spending money on equipment could leave you cash-poor. Leasing means there’s no need to choose between cash and the equipment you need to keep moving forward.

Turn “one foot in front of the other” into a leap.

Like the rings of trees, your finances demonstrate the years of plenty and the years of pain. Your business thrives when it has plenty of capital on hand, and that helps you avoid a few growing pains.

By leasing rather than buying outright, you’ll avoid those awkward capital crunches and always have extra tools to grow.

When your finances flow freely, so can your business.

If water is the stuff of life, then cash flow is the elixir of business. Whether bidding on a large construction project (and the huge bond that is required) or acquiring a competitor (with all their amazing clients and staff), cash is like having your own private oasis in the desert.

Don’t dam the river with unnecessary purchases. Lease and keep the waters flowing clear!

Good budgets mean a one-way ticket to anywhere.

With so many directions to go, how can you pick just one like a bonded purchase? Wherever your business needs to go to stay ahead, a lease budget can turn later into now.

Need new equipment to build revenue? A well-planned lease budget means the cart and the horse at the same time. Where to next?

Time is money—how much is yours costing you?

There are lots of great reasons for managing time. Time can escalate costs, and opportunities come with deadlines. Great leaders find balance and stick to it.

When you’re juggling priorities, time can slip away from you, and with them, growth opportunities. A lease gives you breathing room by letting you acquire WHAT you need WHEN you need it.

Did You Know

General Security Agreements

About Rising Interest Rates

Why Rent When You Can Lease?

Choosing to lease your equipment rather than rent it can be a game-changer for any company—big or small. (Though we suggest you think big.)

A lease and leasing partner is like having a dependable team member in your corner, always ready with the right tools for the job. With leasing, you’ll have access to top-notch machinery and assets without draining your bank account upfront. Plus, it’s flexible and adaptable to your project needs as your project scope and current technology evolve—just like a trusted friend who’s got your back.

So, why rent when you can lease? The less you lock yourself in, the further you can grow. It’s the smart move that keeps your team and projects on the path to success, hassle-free, and with a sense of security you won’t want to let go of.

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