How leasing equipment

works for you.

Leasing isn’t rocket science. It’s simply another way to pay for the assets you need that keep your business moving.

Leasing helps with things your business needs – like production, revenue, sustainability, time and money. Whether you’re adding new growth assets, replacing unproductive assets, or upgrading to improve effectiveness, a lease puts equipment to work without complicating your life. Leasing is money in your hands, when you need it.

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cash cushion

Equipment is vital for your business; and so is cash.

In business, a cash cushion is like a first aid kit – there to help when you need it. You’ll always have urgent business bills (inventory, payroll, repairs), but spending money on equipment could leave you cash poor. Leasing means there’s no need to choose between cash, and the equipment you need to stay healthy.

strategic growth

Trees need sunshine to grow. Your biz needs money to grow. (Sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees.)

Growing your business takes lots of ground work, nurturing – and cash. Growth rings on trees show the years of plenty and the years of pain. Your business thrives when it has plenty of capital on hand; and that helps you avoid a few growing pains.

Prime Capital Group
Prime Capital Group

cash flow

Liquidity – it's not just for breakfast anymore.

If water is the stuff of life, then cash flow is the elixir of business. Whether bidding on a large construction project (and the huge bond that is required), or acquiring a competitor (with all their amazing clients and staff) – cash is like having your own private oasis in the desert.


Presto! Budgets that set you free…

Trying to have it all, and keep it all, definitely requires magic. Or… good planning. The magic of lease budgets is turning LATER into NOW – ie get your equipment today, but make payments over time, from the future revenue in your business. ( magic AND time travel. Cool.)

Prime Capital Group
Prime Capital Group


Time is money.

There are lots of great reasons for managing time. Time can escalate costs. Opportunities have deadlines. But when you’re balancing lots of priorities, time can slip away from you. A lease gives you some breathing room by letting you acquire WHAT you need, WHEN you need it.

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