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Please note: financed value must be $5,000 or more. For quotes over $75,000, please contact our office.

they say time is money, and they're right

When you choose to finance, you should define your business needs and priorities. For example: when selecting the length of your finance term, you can choose to either Preserve Profits (a shorter term with higher payments) or Conserve Cash Flow (a longer term with lower payments), or something in between.

And hey, putting more money down will also help Preserve Profits, but does also reduce the cash you have on hand.  (Money is magic, when it’s in your hands and you can choose how to use it in your business. )

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  • Or read here about real life scenarios in which our clients have used a strategic leasing solution to help them solve business problems.

*Your final payment amount is influenced by the asset type and age, how established your business already is, and the type of financing you require. Call us for a more customized conversation or for larger amounts!

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