Hello and welcome to our blog.

This is where we share the good stuff. Tips, ideas, musings and more that we have gleaned during our 25 years helping others conquer their business finance needs.

And since we love helping good businesses get even better…we couldn’t think of any reason to keep it to ourselves.

The captivating thing about the finance biz is that we get to interact with TONS of interesting people and businesses, and journey WITH them. We share their challenging and rewarding paths, and cheer as they achieve their dreams.

Have we seen EPIC failures? Sure. Have we seen INSPIRATIONAL successes? Absolutely.

The biggest take away over the last 25 years? You don’t know what you don’t know. And you don’t even know THAT until the stuff you don’t know hogties you and leaves you squirming on the floor. (Ouch).

Getting up is Living.

But, humans are nothing if not resilient – and while falling down is part of life, GETTING UP is LIVING. (quoted from Twitter, thanks to @GriffMLA)

(PSS you can also follow US on Twitter @evoLEASEtion.) So..check in with us every now and then, and read all about the ways you can get up and get on with it, make more money, manage your growth better, and navigate around the potholes INSTEAD of going in head first.

We can’t wait to share. See you next quarter when we talk about the MYTH OF CREDIT and why you should believe the REAL STORY, and not the FAIRY TALE.