Prime for Growth: Conversations w Everyday Innovators S1 E1

Welcome to Prime for Growth, a podcast about the journey of possibility that entrepreneurs live every day.

Our conversations with these everyday innovators explore why, when and how they implement change in their businesses. And sometimes what happens when they don’t.   This is about innovation – from small i -innovation all the way to disruptive technology innovation. And we are championing the leaders who are doing this, in honour of our 20th anniversary.

20 years of entrepreneurial prosperity

We’ve been working with entrepreneurs while growing our financial services company for more than two decades. We’ve learned a lot from our clients over the years, and we hope you will, too.

In today’s episode, we’re starting right at the top, the leader. Steve Jobs said innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. If that’s true, then an innovative leader is crucial to generate a culture of innovation. We’re visiting with Ardyce Kouri, partner in Leaders International, a national executive recruitment firm.


In a market under rapid disruptive pressures, she describes how as an entrepreneur in an executive recruitment firm, she helps others find that right leader who will enable their firm to remain competitive and sustainable.

Obsessed with Your Success

Prime for Growth is produced by the team at Prime Capital; who Empower Entrepreneurial Prosperity, with support from the team at Canadian Western Bank, who are Obsessed with Your Success. 

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