Welcome to our 10th anniversary blog. We’re articulating over the next 10 days, 10 great reasons that our team at PCC has to celebrate this, our 10th year! Please check back daily, as we will be adding the 10 reasons one by one!

(We came up with TOO many good reasons and we’re having a rowdy debate on the BEST ones to add!)


At the end of the 1st 10, we know what we can deliver:

  • Great service for growing businesses
  • An engaged and balanced team focus
  • Continually improving how and what we do
  • Striving for excellence in each moment, of each day

The next 10 years hold great promise and opportunity. Thanks team, for bringing the dream alive, and keeping it that way!!! We pledge to keep meetings short, and the growth and laughter long!


We’ve got style. And no matter what YOUR style is, we guarantee you, it will blend with ours! We’re just that kind of group. Casual, in a formal-fresh-off-the-runway-but-ready-to-kick-back-in-the-great-outdoors way. It’s kind of….well….indescribable. You’ll just have to take our word for it. (Or, drop in to see us. Bring jellybeans.)


It takes a village to create a lease business……(a GLOBAL village). We have learned at the tables of MANY business owners, INCREDIBLE industry leaders, and have the best colleagues and partners in the biz. What we know is that if you pay knowledge and trust forward, what comes back to you is an incredible network of resources and team-mates. We’re not successful alone, we’re successful in community. (Thanks, community!)


The PCC team doesn’t rest on yesterday’s sucess – every week, we imagine a simple way to do stuff better. It’s pretty cool to work alongside such innovative thinkers. (It’s also cool to have jelly beans at the front desk, but we have to limit our jelly bean intake. There’s no limit on innovation, though!).


After 10 years of successful growth, it is still one of our prime objectives to answer the phone in person, for every call. We believe personal connections make the world go ’round – and while there is always room for improvement, it’s important to us to be responsive in a very personal way to each client. (hey, we love to chat!!!)


We work diligently every week (and some evenings and weekends) to be sure the job gets done. BUT we value balance, too, and make sure we have plenty of time for living, and family, outside of work. And THAT’s worth celebrating.


When you love what you do, it shows, and it works! We are proud of our repeat client work – in 2011, we still do business with our first PCC client from 2001! (and some clients go waaayback – before we were even a company!). Thanks, everyone, for trusting us to do great work with you!


Since we love people, we love watching our clients’ businesses succeed and grow. So, 10 years of helping others succeed = 10 years of vicarious thrills!! (yeah, we’re adrenaline junkies!)


WHAT we do is help businesses put equipment to work.

HOW we do it – with passion, authenticity, integrity, attention to detail, and FUN.

WHY we do it – cause we love people! (And THAT, plus great coffee, is what gets us up every morning.)


We are 10 years older, 10 years wiser, & 10 times as good at what we do. (ok, we DO have a few more age lines, but MOST of them are laugh lines!).

Now we are done, and looking forward to the NEXT 10 years! Cheers, everyone!