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The oil and gas services industry has a few very large players. It also has many specialty contractors and service providers who can get the job done, but don’t always have a big profile to go with the size of the job. Sometimes the only barrier to entry is having the right specialty tool.

This client had it all: a great rolodex of talented tradespeople, a fantastic relationship with the bigco, and innovative turnkey project history that had people offering them increasingly complex work every year. Dream scenario, or what?

The challenge – in the market environment specialty tools were hard to find, expensive to buy, and more expensive and unpredictable to outsource. None of these makes for a smooth project completion.

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The company identified the key strategic equipment, worked with us to design a plan that meshed with the job revenue, and got the project done on time, on budget, and with a great margin to boot. Now they can get an ROI on the equipment on the next project, too.

You might say “the shoemaker’s son wore Gucci.” You’d be right.

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