Continuity Pt.2—Creating, Maintaining, and Living Your Legacy

There are no guarantees in life and even fewer in entrepreneurship. Building a business is unbelievably daunting. Even talking about business can tire you. As I try to write this, I’ve been distracted a dozen times by those irritating pop-up thoughts. You know—the things you promised to do today but ran out of time for?…

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Continuity for Small Business, Pt.1

Defining Continuity is quite simple. It means the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time, whether that be an action or a feature. However, as we see on this blog, things get more philosophical when we apply this simple term to growing your business. After exploring Capital and Capacity…

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Investing In Your Business Capacity—Where, When, and Why?

Business growth can take many forms. New heavy equipment leases, new staff, new Halloween candy guts… But not all of them are the right fit for your business (or your wardrobe). At least not each at all times. If understanding your capacity was the first step in building out a future strategy, understanding the right…

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Defining “Capacity” in Your Operating Activities

Continuing our discussion on the essential “waters of life” that will power your business, we’re looking at the next piece of the puzzle—capacity. As before, these blogs are meant to highlight the essentials of any growing operation. Without these big three (Capital, Capacity, Continuity), you’re not going to get very far, just like you wouldn’t…

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Understanding Cash Flow in Business—Capital, Pt. 2

In our previous blog, we looked at why a large percentage of businesses fail. It’s not through bad products, a lack of vision, or an angry spirit out to get us (even if it often feels that way). It comes down to securing capital and the next big two—capacity and continuity. To borrow a phrase,…

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The Pros and Cons of Equipment Leasing for Small Businesses

A boat floats in the water while someone in the foreground holds a map. Beside the map, it reads "Attention Small Business Owners. Explore the pros and cons of equipment leasing."

You probably have never thought about it (we had not) but there are a ton of business phrases that originate from our ancestors’ nautical era. Back in the day when business exploits were often done by boat, the phrases used on those junkets have wormed their way into our everyday business conversations. For example, as…

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