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How Leasing equipment Works

  1. Apply

    You want the best options possible. Tell us about your business and we’ll connect with you to confirm your needs and suggest solutions.

  2. Purchase

    You know what equipment will work best for you. We’re great at coordinating with your suppliers and making the process as smooth and as quick as possible.

  3. Grow

    Over time your equipment will deliver a return on your investment. When it stops doing that, our Power Upgrade program allows your business to continue growing.

Ready to apply for equipment leasing? Apply Today We will reply your enquiry in 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my equipment is coming from several vendors?

Easy. We can combine it all onto one lease or onto various schedules – depending on what your game plan for equipment upgrades looks like.

What types of equipment can I include?

Anything from Artwork to Zambonis.
(that’s a LOT of equipment)

What if I have already paid for the equipment?

No problem. See “Turning Equipment into Gold”. It’s not the Midas Touch exactly, but we can convert your paid equipment into a lease, and put money back in your jeans.

Can I upgrade the equipment if necessary?

Of course. We don’t hold your business hostage to a decision you made in a prior year – your equipment needs to suit your business and we’re always ready to help.

What if I need to change one piece of equipment on a lease?

That happens all the time – clients sell off fleet assets or decide to shift a part of their business. You simply let us know when and what, and we’ll take care of the how.

How long is too long?

Too long? When the equipment is long in the tooth, consider this: if you’re going to end up paying for the equipment AFTER it has become toothless…choose shorter. We’ll work with you to match the right plan, to the right equipment.

What happens at the end of the lease?

The answer is – it depends. (Don’t you hate that?). The GOOD news is, we can pretty much answer the question of the END, once we know the BEGINNING. And we’ll take all the guess work out of it, BEFORE you commit to anything. We’re pretty easy to work with (and often, you can own the equipment at a price we think will make you happy).

Who is your ideal client?

Glad you asked. Our clients come from Municipalities, Multi-nationals, and Mom ‘n Pop shops. Most of them are referrals. (We think that speaks for itself).

The real question is, are WE right for you? We’re hard working, agile and creative, love to help businesses grow, and enjoy working with our great clients over time (and some of us like sunset walks on the beach. But, we digress).

A match made in Canada, for a business that needs a great, accessible finance partner for replacing, upgrading or adding equipment, is a great start. After that, we hope that a few moments of chatting will let you know whether we’re right for you.

How do I get started?

Easy. Contact us, and we’ll be in touch. Email us, give us a call, or drop in for a coffee. Your choice.

Have a Question?

We know great business relationships depend on great communication – so let’s get started! You can reach us by phone, email, fax, or the old fashioned way (drop in for a coffee). We love visitors!