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Resilience: The Economics of Trust

May 21, 2014

Ever lost a key employee? Had a client go bankrupt? Broke up with a business partner? Still cringe thinking about it? Me too. We’re in…

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Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright…(and other lies)

August 20, 2013

It’s not that your Mom wanted to lie to you… “You’ll grow up stronger, wait and see”. “Never mind, you can get another one”. “Tomorrow’s…

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Purple Cash Cows (and other business truths)

May 3, 2013

Like any great leader, you’ve battled your way to the top. As Caesar Augustus, you’d return from a 20 year campaign to a life of…

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Happiness is a new rain coat! (and other customer service stories)

April 4, 2013

Good , Bad or Ugly Gossip; YOU choose how people spread YOUR story. I’m a relentless optimist. I borrowed this expression from a great friend…

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Blog Talk Radio: On how focused engagement, leads to a sustainable business

March 23, 2013

We are so excited to have participated in an amazing interview with Charmaine Hammond – multiple published author, entrepreneur, speaker, expert in business resilience, and…

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Well, are you Feelin’ Lucky?

September 13, 2012

Risky Business 101 Remember the iconic 1983 movie “Risky Business”? 18 year old Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) spends a weekend doing things not repeatable in…

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The Taxman Cometh, and He is a Zombie

May 8, 2012

Time to consider my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll put aside a little more monthly into my ‘tax reserve account’. (woah, call me an adrenaline junkie).…

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The Truth, The Whole Truth, and the TV Fiasco

February 2, 2012

I love Monty Python’s Parrot Sketch – but not when I feel like I’m IN it. Me to client: “Your payment for some reason, was…

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The Myth of Credit

November 3, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest Davy Jones: You’ve a debt to pay. You’ve been captain of Black Pearl for 13 years. That’s our…

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10 Years and Counting! PCC Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

September 19, 2011

Welcome to our 10th anniversary blog. We’re articulating over the next 10 days, 10 great reasons that our team at PCC has to celebrate this,…

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