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Elbow room.

When a company outgrows its space – it’s usually because they need to put more bums in more seats (or give the team already on board a little more elbow room). Our client, an engineering firm, put up a beautiful new building, but in the interest of being able to stay put for a long time, didn’t put up walls. Instead, they invested in a fully mobile interior – with movable walls, modular furniture and equipment and systems designed to build options into their future ‘bums in seats’ needs.

The challenge – putting up a building takes 24 months, and lots of ready cash. The bank was already at their lending limit, but the ten thousand square feet of building space still had to be filled. The choices? Partners cash call OR, our lease funds.


SOLD - to the option that didn’t require the partners to pony up. We solved the capital asset purchase needs, so they could focus on finishing the building and getting everyone moved in before project season got under way..

And now, they have LOTS of really great elbow room, that can change as often as they do.